Cautions for use of oil rotary vacuum pumps

Driving Cautions

  1. To avoid the risk of your body getting caught in the belt, be sure to turn off the power before performing any inspection or maintenance.
  2. Do not inhale toxic gases that may contaminate or damage the vacuum pump, gases that may cause an explosion or ignition, chemicals, solvents, water, or liquids.
  3. Don’t let it be reversed. The pump will be instantly damaged if reversed.


  1. Vacuum pump oil can greatly affect the performance of the pump, so be sure to use the specified oil. (Oils used: Matsumura Oil Research Institute Neovac MR-100, MR-200, MR-200A)
  2. If the object suctioned by the vacuum pump leaches into the vacuum oil and contaminates the inside of the pump, the performance of the pump will be severely damaged. Contamination of the inside of the pump will cause various problems such as vacuum failure, oil leakage, inability to rotate, and abnormal noise. Make sure to change the oil properly.