Kinney type vacuum pump – KP-Series


This photo shows KP-850AFR.


Exhaust flow rate 850L/min
Achievable vacuum 7×10-1Pa
Rotation speed 520rpm
Required horsepower 1.5kW
Oil capacity 8L
Weight 140kg
Intake and exhaust port VG 1½ inch
Accessories Intake and exhaust flange
Optional Accessories Gas ballast valve
Intake Elbow
Used oil MATSUMURA Oil Co.,LTD.
Motor pulley 50Hz  3½ inch A2
60Hz  3 inch A2


  • The use of carefully selected materials provides excellent wear resistance, low aging, and long-lasting high performance.
  • The sliding surface is polished to a high degree of precision and processed with a shaved surface. The shafts are high-frequency quenched and polished to a high degree of precision, and gunmetal and bearings are used for the front and rear bearings to enhance reliability.
  • It is easy to maintain, such as exhaust valve and oil change.

Dimensional drawing

Pressure curve diagram